jeudi 14 février 1907

Costume de Folie

Jester Costume


Translated pattern available for sale in Bleuette's World

back issue

Volume 4- Issue 4

Winter 2002

Original French Pattern



Model: Isabella, by Barbara Cimino & Linda Marx

Maman: Elly

Seamstress: Elly

Photo belongs to Elly

Model: ?

Maman: Elizabeth in Miami

Seamstress: Louise Hedrick

Photo belongs to Elizabeth in Miami

Model: Simonne

Maman: Caroline Monteret

Seamstress: Caroline Monteret

Photo belongs to Caroline Monteret

Note: Hat: 1923 #13

Repro GL Patterns    
Maman Made Patterns   Model: ?
Maman: Kathy O'Malley
Seamstress: Kathy O'Malley
Photo belongs to Bluebird Textiles

Models: ?

Maman: Agnes Sura

Seamstress: Agnes Sura

Photo belongs to Bleuette's World

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