jeudi 28 mai 1908


Robe Empire

Empire Styled Dress

  Original French Pattern




Model: Miss Fannie Mae Freckles, a premiere made by Sue Wing

Maman: Janie

Seamstress: Janie

Photo belongs to Janie

Model: Laine, an antique Verlingue

Maman: Martha Nichols

Seamstress: Martha Nichols

Photo belongs to Martha Nichols

Model: Orane
Maman: Kathy O'Malley
Seamstress: Kathy O'Malley
Photo belongs to Bluebird Textiles
Repro GL Patterns    
Maman Made Patterns  

Model: Mirette

Maman: Elly

Seamstress: Elly

Photo belongs to Quality Custom Made Clothes For Bleuette, Rosette and Daisy and Daisyette

Model: Emmaline Cherie, a Bellette Premiere made by Barbi Kantor-Goldenberg

Maman: Dede Kern

Seamstress: Dede Kern

Photo belongs to TresBelle Poupee

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