jeudi 8, 15 octobre 1908

Costume de Bécassine

Bécassine Costume

Original French Pattern



Model:  Patsy, a 251 made by Roxanne

Maman: BonnieJean

Seamstress: BonnieJean

Photo belongs to BonnieJean

Model:  Dorée, a 60 mold by Suzanne McBrayer

Maman: Martha Nichols

Seamstress: Martha Nichols

Photo belongs to Martha Nichols

Back view of Dorée

Photo belongs to Martha Nichols



Maman: Peggy

Seamstress: ?

Photo belongs to Peggy Spivey

Outfit Details

Photo belongs to Peggy Spivey

Shoe Details

 Photo belongs to Peggy Spivey

Repro GL Patterns    
Maman Made Patterns  

Model: Perky
Maman: Agnes Sura
Seamstress: Colette Merlen
Photo belongs to Bleuette's World

Models: Boucle d'Or, 251 repro made by Anne Luree Leonard, as Becassine. Her sister, Sarah, SFBJ 60 by Anne Luree Leonard

Maman: Inma Iglesias
Seamstress: Inma Iglesias
Photo belongs to Inma Iglesias

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