jeudi 5 février 1914

Chemise de nuit kimono



Translated pattern available for sale in Bleuette's World

Volume 3- Issue 2

May/June 2001

Original French Pattern


(Word)  (PDF)


Model: Aimee

Maman: Patti-Ann Stanley

Seamstress: Patti-Ann Stanley

Photo belongs to Patti-Ann Stanley

Note: I added was an extension piece for the button band to lay on. I also closed it from right to left instead of left to right as per instruction.

Model: Antoinette, a 6/0

Maman: Agnes Sura

Seamstress: Agnes Sura

Photo belongs to Bleuette's World

Coverlet 1917 #36

Shoebox Day Bed

Model: Lottie

Maman: Angie

Seamstress: Angie

Photo belongs to Angie

Note: Nightgown has snaps that have been covered with flowers cut from trim.

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