jeudi 1 janvier 1920

Chemise de nuit 1921


Original French Pattern

PDF Translation


Model: Flori, an SFBJ 8/0

Maman: Martha Nichols

Seamstress: Martha Nichols

Photo belongs to Martha Nichols

Model: Chanson Noelle, by Leslie Perkumas

Maman: Gloria L.

Seamstress: Gloria L.

Photo belongs to: Gloria L.

Note: No doll real pattern for this one pictured in 1907. I used the 1919 #48. The cap is from 1916 #25. I made the crown smaller, so that it would look more like the sketch. I used the variation from Bleuette's World Vol. 6 #1, Spring 2004. The apron and shawl, I just cut.

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