jeudi 20 octobre 1949

Manteau raglan

Raglan Coat

1940's   Pam Wolf's directions (Word)

Original French Pattern





Pam Wolf's Tested/Altered Pattern

Model: "My Bleuette"

Maman: Marlene

Seamstress: Marlene

Photo belongs to Marlene

Model: Maria

Maman: Patti-Ann

Seamstress: Patti-Ann

Photo belongs to Patti-Ann

Model: O-----

Maman: PamW

Seamstress: PamW

Photo belongs to PamW


Model: vintage J. Veringue "Liane," who has the same body
as the 1933 Bleuettes

Maman: Martha Nichols

Seamstress: Martha Nichols

Photo belongs to Martha Nichols

Note: vintage seersucker, blue and white striped, with an
eyelet collar

Hat Box

Model: Rachelle, a 301 made by Mary Raleigh

Maman: Elly

Seamstress: Elly

Photo belongs to Elly's
Quality Custom Made Clothes
For Bleuette, Rosette and
Daisy and Daisyette

Note: This fabric is printed to look like it was cut on the bias.

Hat: 1908 #19

Model: Angelique, an antique 6/0

Maman: Peggy S

Seamstress: Peggy S

Photo belongs to Peggy S


Model: ?
Maman: Agnes Sura
Seamstress: Agnes Sura
Photo belongs to Bleuette's World

Note: Raglan sleeve coat in bouclé with ribbon and flower trimmed straw hat.

Model: Margot
Maman: Inma
Seamstress: Inma
Photo belongs to Inma
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