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No Fail Quiche

From the kitchen of:
Sue Wing
Type of food:
Main Dish
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Comments from the chef:
I don't have it written out 'cause its so darn easy but I'll try....

OK first off you need one homemade pie crust..........( OK some will cheat and buy one..I realize that lol)
but a cup of flour, dash of salt,1/3 cup of Crisco!! and few drops of ice water is all you need to make a pie crust. It's not that hard!!

Sue's No Fail -----QUICHE
1 pie crust

Set oven to 400
Then I throw into the crust a handful (that's about a cup) of chopped turkey, or ham (could be any thing else like bacon, crab, shrimp.......whatever is hanging around in the fridge)
1 cup of chopped spinach (I use the frozen chopped in the bag --yes straight from the freezer)
1 cup of grated cheese (your choice, I usually use the bags of pizza cheese)
OPTIONAL: chopped onions and/or chopped mushrooms


1 cup of mayonaise (will work with salad dressing but its really better with the real mayo although reduced fat is okay)
1 cup of milk (at least 2% or higher....I use regular milk for baking)
3 (three) eggs (or eggbeaters I have used and make both)
mix this together and pour over the stuff in the quiche. Use a spoon or fork to get the egg mixture in between everything.

Bake at 400 for 10 minutes to set.
Reduce oven to about 350 ( 365 if doing more than two)
and cook till it is browned and knife comes out clean........which is about 40 min......
Comes out creamy and wonderful everytime due to the mayo......

Hugs enjoy........Sue in Maine