Bleu Door





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Ellen H
Type of food:
Breakfast Fare
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Comments from the chef:
This is a Fat Tuesday (day before Ash Wednesday or start of Lent) favorite in Polish communities

1 1/2 T. yeast
1 T. sugar
1/4 C. warm water-be sure this isn't too hot. You don't want to cook your yeast. That would kill it.

Whisk this together in a small bowl and set aside to proof for about 10 minutes. (this means to get all bubbly)
Put the following together in a large bowl and mix: ( I use a big Kitchen Aid mixer because I can no longer mix by hand-bad carpal tunnel)
1 C. sugar
1 stick of butter-melted
1 C. warm water
1 C. warm milk
4 eggs
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
add the yeast mixture
9 cups of flour -Add this flour 1 cup at a time.

The dough should come together nicely by the time you get to the end. After the 9th cup just add extra flour a Tbs at a time as needed to keep it from sticking to the side of the bowl. Do not add too much extra flour or your dough will get tough. If you're hand mixing, just turn out your dough after it comes together on a floured surface and knead by hand for about 20 minutes or so. You want a really smooth dough.

Grease a bowl and put the dough in it. Turn dough once to grease the other side. Cover with a kitchen towel and set in a warm place to double. This takes about 1-1 1/2 hours.

Punch down dough and divide into 3 pieces. Roll out each piece on a lightly floured surface and cut with a small 2-inch round cutter. Place on greased cookie sheets. Cover with clean kitchen towels and let rise for 45 minutes.

Heat oil in a deep pan. Fry paczki in small batches flipping halfway through to brown each side. (You'll hear them sizzle as they fry and as soon as you can hardly hear the sizzle, they're usually brown enough to flip.) I have a deep fryer that I can fry 4 at a time.

Drain on paper towels ( I usually put some paper towel over a piece of parchment paper). Fill with filling of choice (you can either inject them or cut them in half to fill -I inject. Sprinkle with powdered sugar liberally. Makes 48 or more. Share with the neighborhood!

If they're really good, take orders for next year! LOL. Around here, they sell for 99 cents each or $11 for a dozen. (Cleveland, Ohio)