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Vlaamse stoofcarbonades (Flemish stew with beer and fried potatoes)

From the kitchen of:
Inge Blomme
Type of food:
Main Dish- Entree
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Comments from the chef:
It's traditional Belgian food and we are known for it all over the world. Meat must be cooked until it falls apart. You need to drink a brown abbey beer or glass of wine with it

Flemish stew with beer and fried potatoes

2 pounds of beef,

some butter,

2 onions,

pepper and salt
1 slice of bread

a little mustard and

1 glass of brown beer (or white wine)

make the onion golden brown in hot butter, then add squares of beef
( 1 inch x 1 inch ) with the onions. Give it a nice brown
colour. Add pepper and salt. Let softly stew for one hour. Then add the beer or wine. the mustard and the slice of bread (put the mustard on the bread and put it upon your meat)  Stew very softly for another hour.

Fried potatoes:

Slice patatoes, cut the slices again in long and tiny rectangles
= frieten! Fry in hot oil 160° celcius (410 °farenheit) for about 8
Fry your chips a second time at 180°C (450° farenheit)
Jump or toss your fries into the air ( well ..;) to make sure the oil is gone or put your fries on a tissue.

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