jeudi 24 mars 1921

Robe de taffetas brodée

Embroidered Taffeta dress

1940's   Pattern available for sale in
Bleuette's World issue
Volume 5 - Issue 4
Winter 2005-06
Original French Pattern



Model: Mirette

Maman: Martha Nichols

Seamstress: Martha Nichols

Photo belongs to  Martha Nichols

Note: An almost true polished cotton dress with ribbon trim, rosette in place of the embroidery.

Cape: 1932 #32

Hat: 1907 #3

Model: ?
Maman: Dorothea Deschner
Seamstress: Dorothea Deschner
Photo belongs to Dorothea Deschner
Note: The vintage ribbon was ready as it is shown, I did no embroidery on the ruffles, they look as handembroidery only.

Seamstress: Dorothea Deschner
Photo belongs to Dorothea Deschner

Jacket: 1959 #76

    Model: Cosette, an SFBJ 60 8/0 (1920) antique head only on a Seeley body
Maman: Inge
Seamstress: Inge
Photo belongs to Inge
Model: Amiee Arianne
Maman: Patti-Ann
Seamstress: Patti-Ann
Photo belongs to Patti-Ann Stanley

Model: Miss Perky, U F 60-8-0
Maman: Agnes Sura
Seamstress: Agnes Sura
Photo belongs to Bleuette's World

Note: Light blue cotton dress trimmed with darker blue ribbon.

Repro GL Patterns  
Maman Made Patterns  

Models: Bleuette: Melina Maria, a 251 by Roxanna Smith and Rosette: Miranda Rose, by Barbi K-G

Maman: Phyllis Burki

Seamstress: Phyllis Burki

Photo belongs to Phyllis Burki

Note: Bleuette: Dress: 1921 #8 -Added a 4th ruffle for length

Rosette: Dress:

Jacket: 1959 #76

Hat: 1906 #33

Model: ?
Maman: Arlene Hayes
Seamstress: Arlene Hayes
Photo belongs to House of Bleu
Model: ?
Maman: Stevie
Seamstress: Stevie
Photo belongs to Stevie
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